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The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has deregistered Strychnine

  • As of March 4, 2022, Strychnine can no longer be sold or distributed by RMs. Any further sale or distribution of Strychnine is prohibited by federal statute.
  • RMs have until March 4, 2023 to use their remaining supplies of Strychnine on RM-owned land. Landowners in the RM also have until March 4, 2023 to use their remaining supplies of Strychnine on their own land.
  • After March 4, 2023, unused Strychnine must be disposed of in a manner that complies with PMRA regulations.

Illegal Dumping: 

Council wishes to remind the ratepayers that there has been an increase in illegal dumping.

Did you know that you can report illegal dumping through Saskatchewan’s TIP hotline?  All reports are investigated and calls are confidential.

Toll Free 1-800-667-7561.

Rural Crime Watch Program

Council in co-operation with the RCMP is considering initiating a Rural Crime Watch Program. The goal of the program is to reduce and prevent rural crime, by keeping track of suspicious behaviour, making notes and contacting the RCMP. Should there be interest by our rural residents, a meeting would be set up with the RCMP to review the program with the general public, and then initiate the program.
Should you be interested in attending a meeting or participating in the program, please contact the RM office 306-336-2244 or email us at

Controlled Burns – Remember to Call!

The Municipality has Fire Protection Agreements with the Village of Lipton and the Village of Dysart.

The residents of the Municipality are required to call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre prior to burning.  The Communications Centre informs the appropriate Fire Department of the location of the controlled burn, and should a person, motorist, neighbor see the fire or smoke and call 911 relating to the issue, the local Fire Departments will be aware that it is a controlled burn and not respond.

Should the controlled burn not be reported to the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre and the Fire Department respond, the property owner will be invoiced for the call out and it takes the Fire Department  out of commission for another emergency should one arise.

So, to make life easier, please call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre when you are carrying out a controlled burn.

controlled burn - thumb