Mature Driver Refresher Course

This fall, the Saskatchewan Safety Council will continue to offer the Mature Driver Refresher Course (55 Alive) completely free of charge to residents of southern Saskatchewan who are 55 years of age and older.

These completely free 6-hour sessions are strictly informational and offered in a positive, open class environment. The driver’s license of participants is not affected and there are no required examinations.

Training increases confidence and provides insight into how to adapt your driving habits based on the physical changes the body goes through as it matures.

Topics covered include:

  • Normal driving situations such as intersections, following distance, maintaining an open “gate” around your vehicle.
  • Hazardous driving environments such as skids, head on collisions, hydroplaning and how to protect yourself while driving.
  • Traffic guidance such as sign recognition and pavement marking.
  • Review of safety devices such as seat belts and air bag.
  • Medication awareness, vision and effective use of your eyes.

Below is a list of communities and dates. Advance registration is required through the associations or groups hosting the event. Details such as time, location and lunch information will be provided when registering. Registration contacts may be found at

Ponteix: September 18, 2018
Swift Current: September 19, 2018
Arcola: September 21, 2018
Moose Jaw: October 3, 2018
Assiniboia: October 5, 2018
Yorkton: October 5, 2018
Moosomin: October 10, 2018
Lemberg: October 11, 2018
Regina: October 12, 2018
Regina: October 14, 2018
Weyburn: October 15, 2018
Pilot Butte: October 17, 2018
Regina: October 31, 2018

New dates and locations are always being added.

The Council is actively seeking new community organizers and host locations throughout southern Saskatchewan. Those who have a location in mind and would like to organize this training for 12 or more closest friends, please contact An instructor will be arranged for as well as promotional materials.


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Council is seeking feedback or an expression of interest from our residents as to the implantation of a Rural Waste Management Collection Program.

Upon receiving feedback the Council will proceed to the next step, that being obtaining costs associated with the service, the options available as to frequency of pick-up, cost per pick-up size of containers, cost associated with different size containers and other information relating to the service that you as a resident may have to assist you in your decision making.

The waste items that are acceptable to be disposed of in the containers are standard household and yard waste. These items include:

-household trash

-small appliances (toasters, coffee pots, microwaves)

-small furnishings (lamps, stools, pictures, wall hangings)

-shrubs/small branches, generic yard waste

-small construction goods (wood, metal, glass, insulation, plastics)


Prohibited items MUST be disposed of in a different manner these items include:

-medium to large furniture and appliances, mattresses

-hazardous materials (paint, oil, filters, tires)

-concrete, shingles, gravel/dirt

-tree stumps

– steel


Not acceptable items are defined by the Landfill operators and the Environmental Regulations under legislation of the Province or Federal Government.

Should you be interested in the waste collection program, please respond by October 31, 2018, a phone call will work, 306-336-2244 or e-mail Thanks.



The Municipality will be installing road signage and residential house numbering starting summer.

Township roads will be assigned numbering from the south of the municipality to the north boundary; these will be the east-west roads. The range road signs will be assigned numbers from the east side of the municipality to the west boundary. Farm site numbering and acreage numbering will completed as part of the numbering system.

This process will enable emergency services to efficiently and quickly locate your property if ever required.



South Dysart Community Well and the North Dysart Community Well

are not potable water sources.

Please be advised that the Water from the South Dysart Community Well, located at the NE-1/4-4-22-15-W2nd and the North Dysart Community Well located at the NE-33-23-15-W2 that is available to the public is not potable water (unsafe for human consumption).

The water from these wells is not treated, tested and is considered to be unsafe for drinking, cooking and oral hygiene purposes.

The well at the NE-33-23-15-W2 had  very high values of uranium and does not meet human consumption requirements.

Illegal Dumping: 

Council wishes to remind the ratepayers that there has been an increase in illegal dumping.

Did you know that you can report illegal dumping through Saskatchewan’s TIP hotline?  All reports are investigated and calls are confidential.

Toll Free 1-800-667-7561.

Beaver Bounties:

The Municipality is participating in the annual beaver bounty program agin in 2018.

There is a major change in the program this year –  to receive the $30 bounty you must be a registered trapper and hold a valid licence from the Province.

Our funding for the grant under the agreement is 220 beaver.

2018 Budget and Taxes:

Update on 2018 Budget and Taxes:

The taxes for 2018 will not be increased, and will remain the same rates as in 2017. The highlights of the budget are we are clay-capping 7 miles of road, which has commenced and should be completed by the end of July. We are crushing 20 thousand yard of gravel. The Cat grader was replaced this year.