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New Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test – May 9 at 1:55 p.m.

New Nationwide Emergency Alert System

On April 6, the wireless emergency alert system, Alert Ready, was introduced across Canada. Now, if you have a smartphone that meets the criteria, anytime a critical alert is issued you will receive a text to your phone with a ‘shortened’ version of the issued alert. The SaskAlert app will give you access to the longer version of the alert as well as Emergency Advisory Alerts.  All municipal and provincial  residents are encouraged to download the free SaskAlert app.

A province wide test of all alerting platforms – radio, TV, apps, website and text alerting – will happen on May 9 at 1:55 p.m. during Emergency Preparedness Week.  Visit

Farm Safety

On average, 13 people are killed on Saskatchewan farms each year. Of these fatal injuries, 75% involve machinery such as grain trucks, semis, tractors and combines. Most incidents occur in the farm yard and of all serious injuries that happen, 14% involve youth.  (Statistics by the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Surveillance Program at the University of Saskatchewan.)

The Saskatchewan Safety Council has recently developed an interactive online safety training program for farmers and ranchers, and, it’s free.

2018 Shelterbelt Tree Program

Please find in attachment the application form for the 2018 Shelterbelt Tree Program.

Hi Everyone!
2017 has been quite  a year with drought in the southern portions of the prairies and the end of bus STC services in Saskatchewan.  But we all got through it!

  • Shipping for fall tree orders will work as follows: 
    For Saskatchewan orders you have the option of Jay’s truck shipping to Jay’s depots in major centers in Saskatchewan.  You can pick up at HELP’s Weyburn Tree Farm at no shipping cost except 2.5 cents per tree for packaging
  • For Manitoba and Alberta orders you have the option of pick up in Weyburn OR ….in last week of September to 1st week of October HELP’s truck will deliver your trees to a Greyhound Station on the Saskatchewan border and dispatch your trees to a bus depot of your choice for your pick up there.
  • Minimum shipping charge deliveries will be $50 with per tree shipping price at 25 cents per tree.

All customers: if you pick up from our tree farm near Weyburn then there will be no shipping charge (except for 2.5 cents per tree packaging) and will receive 10% free bonus trees of customer choice. 

There is a wealth of tree information and shelterbelt planning advice on our website:

Download and complete the Order Form by clicking HERE

Please contact me should you require further information.

Rodney Sidloski, CEO

HELP International

Tel: 306-842-2433


Rural Crime Watch Program

Council in co-operation with the RCMP is considering initiating a Rural Crime Watch Program. The goal of the program is to reduce and prevent rural crime, by keeping track of suspicious behaviour, making notes and contacting the RCMP. Should there be interest by our rural residents, a meeting would be set up with the RCMP to review the program with the general public, and then initiate the program.
Should you be interested in attending a meeting or participating in the program, please contact the RM office 306-336-2244 or email us at

Development Permits, Requirements and Maps

Development Permits Required

Under the provisions of the Municipality’s Zoning By-law 2002-02, Development Permits are required  for any development within the Municipality. A development is defined as “the carrying out of any building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on or over land, or making of any material change in the use of any building or land.”  Please contact the Municipal Office should you have a question regarding a development and if a permit is required.

You may also look up the By-law section and review section 2.3 of the Zoning By-law 2002-02 and amendments to determine if a Development Permit is required.

Development of or expansion of a gravel pit:

Please note that a Development Permit is required for the opening or expansion of a gravel pit or extraction operation.  Under Provincial legislation, a heritage sensitive area may require an impact assessment study, under the Heritage Property Act. For further information contact Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. 1-308-787-2817. You may also view the on-line screening tool at  Please view Heritage Sensitive lands within the Municipality of Lipton. See Map

Should development be near a watercourse, Jumping Deer Creek and its many tributaries, as part of the development process, contact should be made with Saskatchewan Water Security , Agency in Yorkton, SK. 1-306-786-1490.


RM of Lipton Heritage Sensitivity Map 11 x 17 (2)


Controlled Burns – Remember to Call!

The Municipality has Fire Protection Agreements with the Village of Lipton and the Village of Dysart.

The residents of the Municipality are required to call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre prior to burning.  The Communications Centre informs the appropriate Fire Department of the location of the controlled burn, and should a person, motorist, neighbor see the fire or smoke and call 911 relating to the issue, the local Fire Departments will be aware that it is a controlled burn and not respond.

Should the controlled burn not be reported to the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre and the Fire Department respond, the property owner will be invoiced for the call out and it takes the Fire Department  out of commission for another emergency should one arise.

So, to make life easier, please call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre when you are carrying out a controlled burn.

controlled burn - thumb


Rabies Warning

A rabid skunk  was found in the RM of Lipton #217 near Dysart.

Information on rabies can be found at: (2)



Rabies cases in Canada:  

Rabies fact sheet: 

Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, 2008

Dr. Clarence Bischop

Rabies Risk Assessment Veterinarian (RRAV), SK AG

Cell (306)529-2190

Toll-Free Fax (844)666-3647 or