FIRE BAN EFFECTIVE 8:00 AM August 22, 2018

A fire ban has been placed within the RM of Lipton No. 217, compliant with Bylaw #2018-04.  Please ensure you have discs and water at the fields should there be an incident.

FIRE BAN EFFECTIVE 8:00 AM August 22, 2018

Due to dry conditions and high fire hazard levels, the RM of Lipton No. 217 has issued a

Level 2 Fire Ban.

The fire ban is effective 8:00 am

August 22, 2018.

This ban includes: Controlled burns, burning barrels, incinerators, and fireworks.

The only exemptions are camp stoves, solid fuel barbeques, recreational camp fires (see information on Schedule A), and propane or natural gas barbeques.


To Bylaw 2018-04 Schedule A

A Bylaw For Enacting A Fire Restriction Or Fire Ban

Solid Fuel Barbecues and Recreational Campfires are permitted under certain provisions of the Fire Ban Bylaw, providing:

  1. Fires must be under constant supervision by an adult
  2. Enclosed Fire pits or barbecues must be covered with a metal screen having openings no greater than ½” and must cover the entire opening. Logs or other fuel source must be fully contained within the enclosure. Embers and ash must be prevented from escaping the enclosure.
  3. The fire pit/barbecue must be a distance of at least 20″ from any grass, and 10 feet from any combustible structure or item.
  4. Be prepared and have a plan to extinguish a fire should it escape from the fire pit/barbecue.
  5. Fires and embers must be extinguished completely when not under constant supervision.
  6. Fires are only permitted during the following hours:

Sunday-Thursday Prior to 11:00 pm

Friday & Saturday Prior to 1:00 am

  1. Absolutely no burning in wind speeds above 5 km/hour.


Contact: The Rural Municipality of Lipton, No. 217


Administrator: Frank Kosa