Rabies Warning


A rabid skunk has been found in the RM of Lipton.

If a rabid animal bites an unvaccinated pet, the unvaccinated animal may be placed in quarantine for up to six months as a safety precaution. In Saskatchewan, the recommendation to quarantine an affected animal is made by a veterinary inspector.

But even if your pet is vaccinated, call your veterinarian if it’s bitten by a wild animal. Your veterinarian may still recommend quarantining your pet, and it should undergo a recommended post-exposure protocol.

If you suspect your pet or another animal to have rabies, proceed with extreme caution. Wear gloves and put the animal into a crate where they can’t bite anyone. Uncharacteristic behaviours may be seen in rabid animals so even previously gentle pets may bite if they become infected.

The safest mode of action is to contact your local animal control office if you suspect an animals to be rabid or call the Saskatchewan rabies information line at 1-844-7-RABIES (1-844-772-2437). If a person has been bit or has been in contact with an animal that may be rabid, please contact your local public health authorities.

Please review the additional  provided to the RM offices at https://rm217.ca/rabies-warning/ 


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