RM of Lipton No. 217

Development Permits Required

Under the provisions of the Municipality’s Zoning Bylaw 2002-02, Development Permits are required for any development within the Municipality. A development is defined as “the carrying out of any building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on or over land, or making of any material change in the use of any building or land.” Please contact the Municipal Office should you have a question regarding a development and if a permit is required.

You may also look up the Bylaw section and review section 2.3 of the Zoning Bylaw 2002-02 and amendments to determine if a Development Permit is required.

Development of or expansion of a gravel pit:

Please note that a Development Permit is required for the opening or expansion of a gravel pit or extraction operation.  Under Provincial legislation, a heritage sensitive area may require an impact assessment study, under the Heritage Property Act. For further information contact Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport at (306) 787-2817. You may also view the on-line screening tool at http://www.pcs.gov.sk.ca/SensitiveLocations.  Please view Heritage Sensitive lands within the Municipality of Lipton. See map.

Should development be near a watercourse, Jumping Deer Creek and its many tributaries, as part of the development process, contact should be made with Saskatchewan Water Security , Agency in Yorkton, SK at (306) 786-1490.

Municipal Boundaries