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Fire Ban in Effect – May 9 2018

In the opinion of the Village of Dysart and the RM of Lipton #217, an extreme fire hazard condition exists within the municipality;

Therefore, Gary Kayter being Fire Chief, Bonnie Moleski, Administrator, Village of Dysart and Frank Kosa, Administrator, RM of Lipton do hereby order that

1. No person shall light, or start or allow or cause to be lighted, ignited or started a fire of any kind whatsoever in the open air.
2. The lighting or discharge of fireworks is strictly prohibited.
This fire ban includes and does apply to all lands located with the Municipality of the Village of Dysart and the RM of Lipton #217 . This Order takes effect May 9th, 2018 and will continue to be in effect until further notification from the Municipality and Rural Municipality.

Province of Saskatchewan Spring Road Restriction Order 10

When transporting goods and/or services in Saskatchewan, the maximum gross vehicle weight is dependent on highway classification.

Commercial truck limits and weight restrictions are in place on provincial highways at various times of the year. It is done to prevent damage to the surface or road bed. There are also opportunities to haul additional weight depending on weather and other factors.

Check the current restrictions on the Highway Hotline.

Spring Road Bans


Farm Safety Training

The Saskatchewan Safety Council has recently developed an interactive online safety training program for farmers and ranchers, and, it’s free.

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Rabies Warning


A rabid skunk has been found in the RM of Lipton.

If a rabid animal bites an unvaccinated pet, the unvaccinated animal may be placed in quarantine for up to six months as a safety precaution. In Saskatchewan, the recommendation to quarantine an affected animal is made by a veterinary inspector.

But even if your pet is vaccinated, call your veterinarian if it’s bitten by a wild animal. Your veterinarian may still recommend quarantining your pet, and it should undergo a recommended post-exposure protocol.

If you suspect your pet or another animal to have rabies, proceed with extreme caution. Wear gloves and put the animal into a crate where they can’t bite anyone. Uncharacteristic behaviours may be seen in rabid animals so even previously gentle pets may bite if they become infected.

The safest mode of action is to contact your local animal control office if you suspect an animals to be rabid or call the Saskatchewan rabies information line at 1-844-7-RABIES (1-844-772-2437). If a person has been bit or has been in contact with an animal that may be rabid, please contact your local public health authorities.

Please review the additional  provided to the RM offices at 

Controlled Burns

controlled burn - thumb

The Municipality has Fire Protection Agreements with the Village of Lipton and the Village of Dysart.  The residents of the Municipality are required to call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre prior to burning.  The Communications Centre informs the appropriate Fire Department of the location of the controlled burn, and should a person, motorist, neighbor see the fire or smoke and call 911 relating to the issue, the local Fire Departments will be aware that it is a controlled burn and not respond.  Should the controlled burn not be reported to the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre and the Fire Department respond, the property owner will be invoiced for the call out and it takes the Fire Department  out of commission for another emergency should one arise.

So, to make life easier, please call the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre when you are carrying out a controlled burn.